My sculptures are challenging the idea of ​​what is impossible.

They are on the border between the beautiful, fragile -

the seemingly well-balanced, and the grotesque and ugly.

Odd objects sit together and form something new, a kind of symbiosis.

I want to blur the boundaries between artificial and natural objects.

 I explore the fundamental laws of nature, the attractive forces that masses expose to each other.

How the materials react when they meet, parts that collapse, balance and

gives an illusion that they have stopped, as if catching a movement.

I am looking for an artificial balance.

I create a shape with the intention of making it so thin that a collapse is inevitable.

To see how the hands worked, almost see the fingerprints in the clay,

to leave traces of myself in the creation.

Color is one of the most important aspects of my work,

the color combinations may be unconventional and dirty.

I seek beauty in the unfinished, imperfect.

My sculptures are composed of different materials,

which are formed into ergonomically inclined objects.

The base is often in stoneware,

I use several layers of engobe and glazes to reinforce the shape.

I did my Art Foundation in Kent, UK and my Bachelor of Art at Middlesex University in London.

I now reside on an island in the Gothenburg archipelago

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